Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Facebook page!

Our facebook page is now open!
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                                                           Welcome to this simple blog, I shall be your guide here.

My name is Rose, I'm the creator of this blog.
I just started but, I'm very confident about this, I am not a native english speaker so you may find some grammar or vocabulary mistakes, (sorry).

                  What is this blog about? ...
Well throughout the internet they are countless of interesting softwares, programs that might interest you! However, my domain is an 'RPG'

R ole
P laying
G ame

I will show you some RPG's and 'fangames' based on them, today we are about to start with a few.
Don't worry, i will post the download links too.

After I make this blog better, i'll be sure to add a
forum and make a youtube channel (walkthroughs).
You can suggest a few RPG's and send the link to me, i will write my review on the blog after i have fully Played it.
This post will Be Edited On the 23rd January 2014.